Muscle Wiz Sponsored Athlete:


Adrian Martin, BSN, RN

Registered nurse / bodybuilder

Featured in MTV's reality series "Scrubbing In," Adrian made himself known to the world as a charming, fit, and resilient young man. Nurses work very demanding, high stress jobs for long hours. Adrian utilizes the gym to escape from the craziness in life. He has found much success as an amateur bodybuilder in the NPC.

"I've worked in hospitals all over the west coast and have provided care for very sick people with a variety of acute and chronic illnesses. Most of these conditions can be prevented with an active lifestyle and proper nutrition. Nurses advocate for their patients to make healthy lifestyle changes. I believe in leading by example: "practice what you preach!" I strive to be living proof that it is possible to work 50+ hours per week, maintain a healthy social life, and still have a kick ass body. If it's truly important to you, it will become a priority in your life."

"I am very conscious of what I put in my body. I'm not a fan of the supplement industry because of the crap products being mass produced, loaded with fillers, and sugar. Muscle Wiz are the only products I take because of the QUALITY. The slogan speaks for itself "it's not for everyone." They pride themselves on the high quality ingredients and accurate dosing. I'm proud to be involved with a company that provides a premium product for people who take their fitness serious." Order Muscle Wiz Products

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